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The internet has become cluttered with information. No matter what you search for, you're likely to be bombarded with tons of sites, blogs and videos related (or not) with the keyword you typed in Google search. With all this excess of information, good and functional website design is a must. However, many developers have been trying too hard to eye-ball users and have been leaving a lot of internet surfers annoyed in the process. If you're a developer, read on. I'm going to give you the 5 web design turn-offs to avoid. 1. Autoplay videos, images or gifs While that may have looked cool back

With the website development project in your hands. The next step is to choose the best web designers to help you complete the project successfully. There are a lot of problems with web developers, so your task of choosing the best is not easy. If you remember the tips listed below to find a programmer, here are the top 10 tips for choosing an online programmer. 1. documentation Sometimes reserved for larger projects, but if you lose contact with the designer at a later date, you need the transfer documentation for a new designer or it will end at the expense of more money to

Wireframes can be considered as a layout on which the ultimate web design plan generated. The primary aim of site wireframing is that everyone involved with site plan and development procedure can understand customer's view. Wireframes assist in making the design procedure iterative. Rather than attempting to merge the purpose and creative characteristics of the site, they guarantee that these components are taken in at a time. This enables clients to give feedback timely in the activity. Why do you require a wireframe? A wireframe is necessarily the base on which the site design and development can be done. As there are several individuals involved

Responsive web design is nothing else but a distinct approach to creating a website. Using this method, you can design a Web site that automatically adapts to the size of the viewer screen. A responsive website will change the size of its elements when you resize your browser window or view your website on a different device, such as your tablet, phone, or even on another computer using another screen size. Although responsive web design is just one approach to website design, it greatly affects how you create your website later. You should consider how to smoothly change the website, how your items move

A good web design is crucial for local businesses. No local business can afford to have a web design that does not work. The best test for successful design is whether the website can pay for itself. A good web design is crucial in providing a good first impression on the customers. The web should be like an employee who provides services on behalf of the company to the customers. The services include: increasing clients and sales, increasing customer retention and reducing staff workload. As Harmony T. Major, founder of Excellent Presence puts it ‘Good Web Design is not Decoration.’ A good web

FundamentalCareTraining.org.uk is a Watford based national care training organisation that focuses on providing training within Health, Social Care and Public Education. Services: Web Design, Website Development (calendar booking system), eCommerce solution online payment via Sage Pay.  

A1taxicabs.co.uk is a leading taxi cab company operating in Watford, Hertfordshire. We did website design and development, Logo design, SEO services and PPC management. We continue their SEO work and they are currently in top position for all Watford taxis and Watford cabs phrases. Work: Website design, branding and logo creation and site maintenance, SEO and PPC services.  

How a website is designed and how it ranks in search engines are inherently linked. This means that the way a site is designed has effect on how it performs on search ranks. If a company has different design and marketing teams which aren’t closely working together, it is bound to face ranking issues because its website will be designed without SEO in mind which is crucial for the success of any website. Knowing that there is a great inter-play between a website’s design and how it ranks in organic search, here are 4 tips to ensure your website design and SEO is done