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Facebook is not only a place to show off how awesomely awesome your cat is, but it's also a really powerful way to advertise stuff. The downside is that their ads manager dashboard is more antiquated than Bing's, with many glitches and they also barely have any human support for the general FB Ads user. Given the social nature of the platform, there are distinct advantages to using Facebook that one cannot achieve via search engine marketing like Google or Bing Ads. One of the advantages of showing ads on Facebook vs Google is that people can interact with your ad as they would a

Facebook Live has proven to be one of the most revolutionary marketing media for businesses and brands all around the globe. With the increasing demand for video content, Facebook Live has provided advertisers with an opportunity to capitalize on creating engaging content for their audience. A few years back, we were discussing how video’s going to change social media and content marketing strategies. Today, video is the dominating form of content and advertisers realize this uprising. How video is changing the online advertising industry? Let’s check out few of the social media and content marketing statistics by WordStream. Video Content is being used by more than 87% of online

There are several ways to promote our website on facebook and other social media channels. The 7 main ways to promoting your website and business on Facebook as part of your social media marketing are: Highly Targeted Advertising Remarketing Upload Email Lists Look-alike Audience Lead Ads Video Views Create Social Proof 1. Highly Targeted Advertising This entails coming up with subjects which point directly to your target audience. These are made eye-catching and involving by tailoring them in such a way that they relate directly to a given age group, customer group, students union or a group of traders. When advertising a product or a job, let the

Knowing how to promote a website on facebook is vital to success of your business, blog and other businesses ventures. With millions of users and followers allover the world, Facebook stands out as one of the most popular and viable social networking sites. People use this platform to communicate, share content, advertise, network and much more. Unfortunately, many website owners and webmasters are yet to tap into this advertising platform. You can make your website more popular and enticing through Facebook by using the following methods: Advertising Did you know that Facebook allows you to promote your website and services on its platform? It offers