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The 2019 SEO Services Report by Brian Dean demonstrates what factors are truly important for a businesses when choosing SEO agencies or freelancers to work with, including the statistics of their involvement. 1,200 American business owners were interviewed for the survey regarding their knowledge on the world of SEO services in general as well as any experience they might've had being a client for SEO companies. The results include various findings such as how much an owner is willing to pay for SEO services, how a business owner chooses SEO agencies or freelancers, what sort of expectations business owners have when working with

Take a scroll down any social media feed and you’ll see a number of marketing “gurus” telling you they’ve found the magic trick for Search Engine Optimization or SEO. They’ll tell you the secret is in your meta descriptions, in your word count, or in finding the trendiest topics to write about. While these certainly aren’t “wrong,” that also doesn’t make them the best option for growing your website traffic in 2019. The internet is a complicated place. As you know, it changes quickly. The only thing for certain is that what worked last year isn’t necessarily going to keep working this year.

Keyword research is a mandatory process when it comes to the actualization of goals in online ventures such as setting up a website, ecommerce sales channel like Amazon or  a YouTube channel. If you are here today, you understand the critical role that keywords play. On the one hand, you are willing to do everything possible to succeed online, and on the other hand, you are keen on keeping your expenses to the bare minimum through SEO and PPC ads management. If that’s your current situation, stay put to discover free, yet productive keyword research techniques. Google search When you type something in Google search, it

In the last few years, the number of businesses listed in Google My Business (GMB) has increased rapidly. As a result, many agencies dealing with Local SEO felt that the importance of the small business website had reduced and it was no longer necessary for the business to have separate business website. However a survey conducted recently by BrightLocal indicates that a large number of customers still rely on the business website for getting information about the business before purchasing a product or service. Hence for small business marketing, the company should not ignore the importance of a business website. Which sources have you

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is used for increasing the number and quality visitors to a website. SEO is used to enhance the traffic on a website using organic methods. This is done by improving rankings in the algorithmic search engine results. Importance of SEO Optimizing a website’s content is important for its better search engine visibility. SEO content has proven to save a lot of time and money because such type of content is easily found via search engines. Here are 12 important SEO tips to get your website better ranking in Google: The first and foremost thing which is

With an ever-upgrading Google algorithm, SEO has never been more important. If you’re having a hard time trying to convince entrepreneurs to invest in SEO, here are the top five ways to prove SEO value and worth. Let’s set the stage for your clients first. You can’t argue with hard-and-fast facts now can you? Did you know that the top five search results on Google get 70% of the clicks? And that 18% of local mobile searches lead to same-day sales? That’s not all, but 50% of mobile phone users will follow up their search with a same-day visit to the store, with 78% of

Once you understand the basics, technical SEO is easy to do. In fact, you’re probably using some of these tactics without knowing. The ultimate goals are for your site to rank better, generate more traffic and conversions. This is the essence of technical SEO: to fix the errors so you can achieve these goals. What follows are 12 technical SEO elements to consider for maximum optimization of your website. 1.Run a crawl report to identify crawl errors A crawl report, or site audit, reveals the errors in your website, while allowing you to see the urgent technical SEO issues that need attention like low page speed, duplicate

The additions to Search Engine Optimization in 2010 included local SEO where Google came up with Google Places and even the other search engines joined the group with Yahoo Local and Bing Local. It is a smarter way to search for business and amenities in your area rather than reading about an outlet located in another continent. What is Local SEO? Local SEO strategy mainly emphasizes on targeting the local clients in the area for business with an optimized website. It means if you are a bakery in New York, your customers will be able to find you quickly in local search once your optimized