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As page title is the first thing you see on Google SERPs, it is one of the crucial parts of the article. Therefore a good SEO has to be applied to it, as well as to other parts of the article. The page title is also an essential part of Google algorithm, so it should be wisely written to help both the website to be better ranked and to readers to preferably open and read your article, among thousands other articles. Here are 5 tips for you to help you create page titles which will appeal more to Google algorithm and readers. 1. Use keywords

Do you have any idea on how important search engine optimization (SEO) is important to your business? Well, if not, here is the right place for you. Owning a local business requires a clear channel of communicating to your potential customers and in this case, internet of number one source of traffic and that is why it is essential for you to fully understand SEO. 1. Local searches can lead 50% of visitors to stores. In this case, there are few helpful tips that can help you to ensure that you are ranked among the local searches online and they are as follows: Appropriate use

Although blogging has been thought to be old fashioned since being in existence for a while now, it has proven to be one of the most effective ways companies can stand out from the crowd. As the digital world evolves every minute, it is a high time companies think of ways to use blogs to capture the attention of their audiences and send messages with captivating content that they will be captivating. Below are the reasons why blogging will be a good choice to put your company out there. 1. Content Marketing Writing a blog post and doing guest blog post for business blogs have

In an effort to avail quality content to searchers, Google frequently makes changes to its search algorithms. The changes can be many and secretive to some extent such that website designers may struggle to keep up with them. The silver lining though is that we have researched and came up with this piece which should help any website owner interested in ranking highly among search engine results. Recent updates by Google particularly in August, April and March are the most significant. While several reviews have been written covering the various aspect of the update, few focus on brand authority which is one of the highly

Content development is a daunting task which requires a lot of time. Finding good content takes time, and for small business owners time is not a luxury they can afford. However there are ways one can get quality content to the right audience in a short time. The first thing for one to do is to develop a plan. Generating ideas on a whim might seem to take shorter time however planning helps maximize your results. It creates efficiency as one knows exactly what to do at any particular time. Editorial Calendar You are also advised to set up an editorial calendar which will enable you

Online reviews are very important to a business. They can contribute greatly to the marketing of the company. Reviews bring so much to the business. They can help attract more potential customers to look at your business. Due to their presence in search results they can provide traction for the business. They can also help improve conversions like leads, sales, signups etc. statistics from online reviews is startling, about 90% of the people who filled the reviews said that the reviews influenced their buying decisions. Even more were influenced by the negative reviews. Yelp and Google arrange information such that it only allows

Blogging for SEO can be very helpful in the marketing of small businesses. Statistics has it that people prefer blogs to newspapers. As of 2010 Wordpress claims that over 409 million people read 17.8 million of their blogs each month. Another startling statistic is the fact that 46% of people read blogs more than once a day. Blogs are very important to the business and enable them to do some important stuff. Blogging for local SEO enables you to write about content that big businesses see as unimportant. You will be able to write about local events and in the process you can write is a leading taxi cab company operating in Watford, Hertfordshire. We did website design and development, Logo design, SEO services and PPC management. We continue their SEO work and they are currently in top position for all Watford taxis and Watford cabs phrases. Work: Website design, branding and logo creation and site maintenance, SEO and PPC services.