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The 2019 SEO Services Report by Brian Dean demonstrates what factors are truly important for a businesses when choosing SEO agencies or freelancers to work with, including the statistics of their involvement. 1,200 American business owners were interviewed for the survey regarding their knowledge on the world of SEO services in general as well as any experience they might've had being a client for SEO companies. The results include various findings such as how much an owner is willing to pay for SEO services, how a business owner chooses SEO agencies or freelancers, what sort of expectations business owners have when working with

Take a scroll down any social media feed and you’ll see a number of marketing “gurus” telling you they’ve found the magic trick for Search Engine Optimization or SEO. They’ll tell you the secret is in your meta descriptions, in your word count, or in finding the trendiest topics to write about. While these certainly aren’t “wrong,” that also doesn’t make them the best option for growing your website traffic in 2019. The internet is a complicated place. As you know, it changes quickly. The only thing for certain is that what worked last year isn’t necessarily going to keep working this year.

Keyword research is a mandatory process when it comes to the actualization of goals in online ventures such as setting up a website, ecommerce sales channel like Amazon or  a YouTube channel. If you are here today, you understand the critical role that keywords play. On the one hand, you are willing to do everything possible to succeed online, and on the other hand, you are keen on keeping your expenses to the bare minimum through SEO and PPC ads management. If that’s your current situation, stay put to discover free, yet productive keyword research techniques. Google search When you type something in Google search, it

The internet has become cluttered with information. No matter what you search for, you're likely to be bombarded with tons of sites, blogs and videos related (or not) with the keyword you typed in Google search. With all this excess of information, good and functional website design is a must. However, many developers have been trying too hard to eye-ball users and have been leaving a lot of internet surfers annoyed in the process. If you're a developer, read on. I'm going to give you the 5 web design turn-offs to avoid. 1. Autoplay videos, images or gifs While that may have looked cool back

Being an Amazon seller is a lot of work, especially when you’re just getting started. There’s a lot to learn and you don’t always know where to start. You may not even know which tools are out there to help make your job as easy as possible. It can all seem overwhelming until you really get going. There are plenty of tools you can use to increase your product sales on Amazon. Everything from FBA calculators to tools to help you optimize the keywords used in your listing titles. All of these things are highly important and will make a huge difference in the

In the last few years, the number of businesses listed in Google My Business (GMB) has increased rapidly. As a result, many agencies dealing with Local SEO felt that the importance of the small business website had reduced and it was no longer necessary for the business to have separate business website. However a survey conducted recently by BrightLocal indicates that a large number of customers still rely on the business website for getting information about the business before purchasing a product or service. Hence for small business marketing, the company should not ignore the importance of a business website. Which sources have you

As page title is the first thing you see on Google SERPs, it is one of the crucial parts of the article. Therefore a good SEO has to be applied to it, as well as to other parts of the article. The page title is also an essential part of Google algorithm, so it should be wisely written to help both the website to be better ranked and to readers to preferably open and read your article, among thousands other articles. Here are 5 tips for you to help you create page titles which will appeal more to Google algorithm and readers. 1. Use keywords

Facebook is not only a place to show off how awesomely awesome your cat is, but it's also a really powerful way to advertise stuff. The downside is that their ads manager dashboard is more antiquated than Bing's, with many glitches and they also barely have any human support for the general FB Ads user. Given the social nature of the platform, there are distinct advantages to using Facebook that one cannot achieve via search engine marketing like Google or Bing Ads. One of the advantages of showing ads on Facebook vs Google is that people can interact with your ad as they would a

Google Ads is an online advertising platform owned by Google where ads show up on Google Search Engine when a search is triggered. Today in this blog post, we will learn the top benefits of Google Ads and understand why advertisers are so fond of the online marketing platform. So, without further ado, let’s dive in! Here are the top benefits of Google Ads: Boosts Brand Awareness in the Targeted Niche Businesses can use Google Ads when it comes to improving brand awareness as it helps to show up in front of users who are searching for their products or services. With the help of Google Ads, advertisers

Today we're talking apps for managing ads campaigns in Google, Bing and Facebook. Google Ads App The Google Ads management app is pretty nifty for viewing accounts and making quick changes on the go such as pausing or enabling a campaign, changing a budget or even as detailed as making a bid adjustments at the keyword level. But besides for allowing you to do work while on the porcelain throne (I'm not judging), you can also enable the app to send push notifications for any necessary alerts, such as billing issues, disapproved ads, or policy violations. If there's any issue in your account (or an account you