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The web presents a great opportunity for web designers to think out if the box. It has made them push the limits of innovation and come up with new ways of displaying information on the web. 2015 has seen new web design trends that have completely changed the industry. Make it Big One of the most popular web trend today is ‘Make it Big’. This trend basically makes the homepage look like a book cover with just a few words overlaid on an image or video. The trend takes the Cinematic and Book Cover trend. Now companies like Vogue and PayPal have taken it to is a is a home care provider based in London who required a website to showcase their work in this sensitive service. They were delighted with the outcome and commissioned us to also design their care worker training website.  

Google rolled out its latest update to its Panda algorithm in mid-July, 2015. This comes after ten long months. The last update was rolled out in September of 2014. This news had caused a bit of confusion in the SEO world. This is due to the fact that unlike the first update that took around eight weeks to be rolled out, Google Panda 4.4 will be rolled out in several months. The impact will thus not be noticeable right away. SEO’s should therefore keep a follow closely any change in traffic. Google have announced that in the U.S alone only 2-3% of queries will

On February 18th Google made an announcement that they would be changing their mobile organic SERP algorithm to more heavily weigh “mobile friendliness” as a ranking signal. They said that they would be making the change officially on April 21. They made the announcement through their Google Webmaster Central Blog writing “Starting April 21 we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact I our search results.” This will be a big change for Google for many years. It is the first time that they

As a web design company part of what I do is to talk to webmasters so as to make sure that they have information. If you are a webmaster this information is necessary for you to make fantastic websites. Our engineers have gathered information from various webmasters to see what Google need to do to improve our search results. There are many practices and myths concerning gathering information online. Content presentation One of the most essential things is the presentation of content in ways that it can be viewed by all the devices. Google recommend that as a webmaster you use fast and reusable technologies is a taxi, tour and airport transfer company based in Panama. They had a poorly constructed plain HTML website and needed a fresh site with inbuilt online booking. Work: Website redesign and development, custom booking solution.  

NB Highways is a traffic management company based in Hertfordshire and providing services all over the southeast. Work: Website redesign and maintenance, branding and logo creation, SEO and PPC management. Before