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When you decide to open a website to showcase your products, then top of the list on the things to consider are functionality and search engine optimization. Customers don’t like searching through the haystack to find your website and once they are inside, locating the helpful information in a few clicks makes your website rate high. All these start at the point when you are designing a website, so you need to go through the algorithm and interface of your website to makes sure these 6 mistakes are not responsible for the poor performance of your website. 1. Excluding the H1 Tags, more so on the

People, organizations, and business compete. They compete for attention, awards, and your dollars and now with the advent of the internet, they compete for website traffic. The two best ways for websites to compete for traffic are SEO (search engine optimization) and the PPC (pay per click). In this need to compete, people are arguing over which method of promoting a website is better than the other. Both systems have great pros and not so good cons so deciding which one is better may boil down to a matter of choice, your budget and what you prefer to use. What follows is a brief comparison between

The most vital part of running a successful ecommerce website is landing in the first page of search engines. Search engine optimization ( SEO) can be the determining aspect in your business’ outcome. The foundation of an effective SEO is powerful, targeted keywords. However, choosing which ones are the best is a baffling process. SEO includes numerous strategies, but the fundamental principle is to aid search engines like Google a better understand  what your website is all about and the products or services it’s selling. This will boost your website’s visibility and generate traffic by increasing the possibility of your site landing on the search

In order to stay competitive in today’s market, one must fully take advantage of all the available tools and tactics available to their business. In shortSEO is also the most effective way to drive highly targeted organic traffic that has a high probability of turning into loyal customers of the brand. And when paired with other digital marketing tactics such as social media and content marketing, SEO can be the strongest weapon  

If you thought that site owners would soon no longer need to use alt texts as well as other image description features, you aren't right. Google still needs site owners to optimize their images in spite of the strides it has made in relation to image recognition by its search engine. Asked about the issue of image optimization during Tuesday's Google Office Hours, Google's Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller said that the SEO image description texts could be done away with in the future but not at the moment. He explained that the additions are necessary at the moment as they help them (Google)

Owned media, paid media, and earned media, these phrases are often mentioned in digital marketing spheres. Chances are high that you've heard of them or even used them yourself if you're in any way involved in digital marketing. However, what really are the meanings of these phrases? Also, how is each of them important to your digital digital marketing strategy? Well, to indepthly understand each of the aforementioned phrases, it's vital to take an individual look into each of them. Here are their explanations: Owned media In literal sense, owned media refers to any media that you can lay claim to. That's a media owned by

Knowing how to promote a website on facebook is vital to success of your business, blog and other businesses ventures. With millions of users and followers allover the world, Facebook stands out as one of the most popular and viable social networking sites. People use this platform to communicate, share content, advertise, network and much more. Unfortunately, many website owners and webmasters are yet to tap into this advertising platform. You can make your website more popular and enticing through Facebook by using the following methods: Advertising Did you know that Facebook allows you to promote your website and services on its platform? It offers

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While in Shopify I was looking for a way to hide free + shipping products (or zero stock for that matter)  from /collections/all listings. I did not want to use an app as it can be costly in the long run and increase website load times. Below is a description of the workaround. Basically You need to create a store collection that uses the Permalink/Handle you want to replace the automatic collection Shopify gives for the URL. The steps are: From shopify admin, click Products > Collections. Add collection with Title of the category - "All" Set to automatically selct products based on conditions set condition