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Home  /  Articles posted by Eric (Page 3) is a leading taxi cab company operating in Watford, Hertfordshire. We did website design and development, Logo design, SEO services and PPC management. We continue their SEO work and they are currently in top position for all Watford taxis and Watford cabs phrases. Work: Website design, branding and logo creation and site maintenance, SEO and PPC services.  

Voice search is more conversational than the typed search. Generally, we talk differently than we type. For example, if you are looking for Mexican food, you’d probably type Mexican restaurants near me’, but if we are speaking, you would most probably say where can I get Mexican food’. Now, search engines are picking up on this trend and making a conversation with you using voice search. The onset of voice search has brought some interesting changes to search engine optimization (SEO). These changes have had online marketers talking and wondering what the future holds for SEO. A research by Wesley Young shows that in

How a website is designed and how it ranks in search engines are inherently linked. This means that the way a site is designed has effect on how it performs on search ranks. If a company has different design and marketing teams which aren’t closely working together, it is bound to face ranking issues because its website will be designed without SEO in mind which is crucial for the success of any website. Knowing that there is a great inter-play between a website’s design and how it ranks in organic search, here are 4 tips to ensure your website design and SEO is done

Keywords Everywhere is a free search tool web application that can be easily installed on either Chrome or Firefox to gather AdWords data and display in browser. The data includes: Monthly volume: the average number of times (last 12 months) a keyword has been searched CPC: amount a campaign advertiser pays for each Google Adwords click Competition: the number of advertisers running this keyword in Adwords At last, Google Adwords keyword search volume, CPC and competition data is now packaged conveniently to enable fast reckoning of keywwords and long-tail phrase value. Get Adwords data on any page Just head to a website and select a word

The future is changing for SEO as voice search continues to garner popularity with the masses while the current type search SEO is dwindling into obscurity with every waking day. Voice search is spreading it roots faster because of the numerous advantages that come with it. First, it’s quicker than pain stacking type searching where you have to key in each word letter by letter. Moreover, it’s convenient and simply downright cool. Therefore, if you are looking to stay relevant in this cut-throat world of unrelenting technological revolution, it is paramount that you adjust your approaches to SEO accordingly lest you get left behind.

There are several ways to promote our website on facebook and other social media channels. The 7 main ways to promoting your website and business on Facebook as part of your social media marketing are: Highly Targeted Advertising Remarketing Upload Email Lists Look-alike Audience Lead Ads Video Views Create Social Proof 1. Highly Targeted Advertising This entails coming up with subjects which point directly to your target audience. These are made eye-catching and involving by tailoring them in such a way that they relate directly to a given age group, customer group, students union or a group of traders. When advertising a product or a job, let the

While WordPress is great, one of its major weaknesses is that it can be very slow. Without doing the right thing, you could end up with a very slow website that’s not only a problem for visitors but also leads to a loss of customers and search engines demotion. Now that there are faster internet connections, internet users have come to expect faster loading websites on their PC and mobile phone and anything that slows your site may cause irritation. In most instances, potential customers will simply click on another site instead of waiting for a slow page to load. Apart from the user experience,

Google has rolled out another update in their quality rater guidelines on August 3, 2017. This is the third update this year following major update to deal with Fake News, Dubious Claims & Clickbait. The new update deals with conspiracy theories and non-English results. Some of the changes made in the guidelines include small grammatical changes, change of examples, and inclusion of new instructions. Let’s get down to business and discuss these changes one by one: Lowest Quality Pages Google is pursuing its efforts against fake news and conspiracy theories. While there is no way to eliminate such pages from the internet, Google is trying

Navigation is vital in designing your website. It might seem insignificant, but it determines how effective and efficient your site is. A study has indicated that 50 percent of the potential sales get lost since the customers cannot get the information they are looking for. That is losing a lot of revenue, and it will affect your business negatively. So when designing your website, it is vital to ensure that the users find it easy to use and get the necessary information fast. Below are some of the navigation mistakes you should avoid during web design; Mistake 1 - Non-Standard Menu Style Creativity and innovation are