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Google worked tirelessly to become the world’s most used search engine. Google surpassed the likes of Yahoo to become a household name in search services. Google’s success can be best evidenced by the use of its name as a synonym for performing online search. Phrases like “Google it!” are examples of the over reliance on this search engine. Google rolls out regular updates to ensure that its facility is spam free and its algorithm is efficient. In just the previous year, Google saw updates such as Panda, Mobilegeddon, Quality Update, Panda 4.2 and RankBrain hit the surface of the internet. This year an unnamed

A good web design is crucial for local businesses. No local business can afford to have a web design that does not work. The best test for successful design is whether the website can pay for itself. A good web design is crucial in providing a good first impression on the customers. The web should be like an employee who provides services on behalf of the company to the customers. The services include: increasing clients and sales, increasing customer retention and reducing staff workload. As Harmony T. Major, founder of Excellent Presence puts it ‘Good Web Design is not Decoration.’ A good web

Online reviews are very important to a business. They can contribute greatly to the marketing of the company. Reviews bring so much to the business. They can help attract more potential customers to look at your business. Due to their presence in search results they can provide traction for the business. They can also help improve conversions like leads, sales, signups etc. statistics from online reviews is startling, about 90% of the people who filled the reviews said that the reviews influenced their buying decisions. Even more were influenced by the negative reviews. Yelp and Google arrange information such that it only allows

Blogging for SEO can be very helpful in the marketing of small businesses. Statistics has it that people prefer blogs to newspapers. As of 2010 Wordpress claims that over 409 million people read 17.8 million of their blogs each month. Another startling statistic is the fact that 46% of people read blogs more than once a day. Blogs are very important to the business and enable them to do some important stuff. Blogging for local SEO enables you to write about content that big businesses see as unimportant. You will be able to write about local events and in the process you can write is a Watford based national care training organisation that focuses on providing training within Health, Social Care and Public Education. Services: Web Design, Website Development (calendar booking system), eCommerce solution online payment via Sage Pay. needed a website design incorporating four parts of their Minibus business - Local taxi hire, Tours of Scotland, Hen/Stag weekends Airport transfers. We incorporated several bespoke website development for each part of the business so that customers can book for either service using calendar bookings, Google maps api and online payment solutions. are an established plastering business based in Watford area with over 10 years’ experience in the trade. We built their website as a very cost effective showcase of their work and lead generation enabling customers to request a quotation online.