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As page title is the first thing you see on Google SERPs, it is one of the crucial parts of the article. Therefore a good SEO has to be applied to it, as well as to other parts of the article. The page title is also an essential part of Google algorithm, so it should be wisely written to help both the website to be better ranked and to readers to preferably open and read your article, among thousands other articles. Here are 5 tips for you to help you create page titles which will appeal more to Google algorithm and readers. 1. Use keywords

Facebook is not only a place to show off how awesomely awesome your cat is, but it's also a really powerful way to advertise stuff. The downside is that their ads manager dashboard is more antiquated than Bing's, with many glitches and they also barely have any human support for the general FB Ads user. Given the social nature of the platform, there are distinct advantages to using Facebook that one cannot achieve via search engine marketing like Google or Bing Ads. One of the advantages of showing ads on Facebook vs Google is that people can interact with your ad as they would a