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Google Ads is an online advertising platform owned by Google where ads show up on Google Search Engine when a search is triggered. Today in this blog post, we will learn the top benefits of Google Ads and understand why advertisers are so fond of the online marketing platform. So, without further ado, let’s dive in! Here are the top benefits of Google Ads: Boosts Brand Awareness in the Targeted Niche Businesses can use Google Ads when it comes to improving brand awareness as it helps to show up in front of users who are searching for their products or services. With the help of Google Ads, advertisers

Today we're talking apps for managing ads campaigns in Google, Bing and Facebook. Google Ads App The Google Ads management app is pretty nifty for viewing accounts and making quick changes on the go such as pausing or enabling a campaign, changing a budget or even as detailed as making a bid adjustments at the keyword level. But besides for allowing you to do work while on the porcelain throne (I'm not judging), you can also enable the app to send push notifications for any necessary alerts, such as billing issues, disapproved ads, or policy violations. If there's any issue in your account (or an account you

Every brand reaches a point where the current branding strategy stops functioning. But any business or brand cannot afford not making any impressions on their target audience. If they aren’t putting any efforts into branding, someone else is doing it for sure. That simply means one thing – loss of customers. That’s exactly where the role of a CEO, entrepreneur, a boss comes into play. When you are leading a brand, you become the personality of the brand. This brings us to the point, where understanding brand personality is a must. What is a Brand Personality? Brand Personality is a set of human qualities that are ascribed to a brand name. A

In the rankings of underutilized marketing tools, custom columns in Google Ads is up there with the best of them. Now I understand the sheer number of preset columns in Google Ads is intimidating enough, but if you’re not using custom columns you’re potentially missing out on some seriously relevant data. How relevant? Well, it’s different for each individual account. Seriously though, for most businesses, the metrics in Google Ads are inadequate. Conversions aren’t necessarily true leads, ROAS doesn’t factor profit margins, and Avg. Position is being sunsetted entirely (you heard it here first.). This is where you need to customize your metrics so

Today's Tip: Google Analytics Site Search Report Buried deep in the annals of Google Analytics, there's a report called Site Search. If your website has a search bar in any capacity, it's definitely worth checking this report out. You can find it under the Behavior menu, and then clicking on Site Search. The overview will supply you with the actual searches users have made via your search bar, as well as what page they were on when they performed the search. This is a great way to potentially diagnose trouble spots on your website, because when someone is searching for something, it probably means they can't find

Many People routinely ask how to determine a Max CPC bid for keywords, ad groups and campaigns without any historic data. Of course, once you have a good amount of data in the campaigns, this becomes much easier, and there’s a few different ways you can bid on keywords to maintain profitability. One of the methods is an easy variation of the method I'm going to show you in this post. But if you have no data, and you’re adding new keywords to a new account, it’s a little trickier to determine the right starting CPC bid. Because there’s some degree of guesswork here, you’re not going

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is used for increasing the number and quality visitors to a website. SEO is used to enhance the traffic on a website using organic methods. This is done by improving rankings in the algorithmic search engine results. Importance of SEO Optimizing a website’s content is important for its better search engine visibility. SEO content has proven to save a lot of time and money because such type of content is easily found via search engines. Here are 12 important SEO tips to get your website better ranking in Google: The first and foremost thing which is

Facebook Live has proven to be one of the most revolutionary marketing media for businesses and brands all around the globe. With the increasing demand for video content, Facebook Live has provided advertisers with an opportunity to capitalize on creating engaging content for their audience. A few years back, we were discussing how video’s going to change social media and content marketing strategies. Today, video is the dominating form of content and advertisers realize this uprising. How video is changing the online advertising industry? Let’s check out few of the social media and content marketing statistics by WordStream. Video Content is being used by more than 87% of online

Google Images is now a part of the Search Network for Shopping ads Google Images is a visually rich surface and a key part of millions of users' shopping journeys every day. Users frequently turn to Google Images for idea exploration, how-to guidance, product discovery and visual imagery related to key shopping categories like fashion, home and beauty. Google Ads team announced that they will be integrating Google Images into the core Search Network in late March. This means Shopping ads, we are already familiar with, will now automatically be eligible* to appear in Google Images results when users are searching for relevant keywords. What this means for your Shopping campaigns: All of our Shopping